Special Knead Cafe – Kyalami

Kim Rundle’s daughter is 21, has autism, is semi-verbal, dyslexic and cannot read. Many of you may read that, and be immediately confronted with thoughts of feeling sorry for Kim and her family. No need to pity the Rundle family. Instead, Kim has tackled the differences in her daughter head on, and decided, with two other moms to open up a café.

Initially this all started, when Sammi, her daughter started working at Kyalami Doggy Day care, situates at 123 Maple Road Kyalami. Two years ago, Sammi completed her puppy training certificate, and is now a puppy trainer at the day care centre. The owner of the business, another special needs mom, Tamara Coumbis, originally opened the business to help her son.

Amongst these incredible young people, is also a pastry chef, also with special needs. And, so Kim, and Chris’s mom (the pastry chef) Jenny Emslie, are now in the process of opening the second part of the business “Special Knead Café”. Chris has been practising and perfecting his skills for the last year and selling his beautiful products from home.

This initiative was set up because of the incredible need for employment and to showcase these incredible young adults potential.

However, while these businesses have got wonderful people behind them, and adults who are dedicated to their work, there are a few items that the café still needs. They are looking for funds to be able to sponsor barrister training for their adults, as well as wooden tables and chairs – because, what’s a coffee shop without a beautiful area to sit in. A cold drink fridge for those incredibly hot summer days. An industrial coffee machine and coffee as well as ingredients and an industrial pastry roller so Chris can keep making his beautiful pastries. And lastly, a water filter.

The next phase of the business is to add an extension to the current building, where Chris will have a proper industrial kitchen – but not just to make and sell, but also to teach other like-minded young adults how to bake. And eventually the idea is to have the same type of coffee shop in each city throughout the country.

We think this is already a phenomenal achievement, and are so excited to keep you all up to date with their successes as a special needs business and their achievements! If you would like to find out more information, you are more than welcome to contact Kim on 0824151283 or specialkneadcafe@gmail.com


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