Out of School Campaign

Are you a parent or caregiver to a child with disabilities that is out of school?
Join our campaign!

We have received hundreds of complaints from parents of children with disabilities, who are currently out of school. These parents have shared the difficulties they face when trying to enroll their children into mainstream or special needs schools. In addition to these complaints, the Department of Education has estimated that 597 000 children with disabilities in South Africa are not in school.

We are now working on collecting information to present to the national Department of Education in order to demand that they place your and all other children with disabilities into a school suited to their needs.

In order to do this we need you to fill out a form telling us about your child and how long your child has been out of school.
We can provide you with the form if you email us on one of the email addresses below, or you can fill the form out online by clicking here.

We want you to fill out this form for our children with disabilities! We want the Department to take our demand seriously and we believe that they will if we can show them how many children with disabilities are out of school. Send us your information now!

For more information contact:
Sandy Usswald | Autism SA | 011 484 9909 | director@autismsouthafrica.org
Anjuli Maistry | Centre for Child Law | 012 420 4502 | anjuli.maistry@up.ac.za
Fanie Swanepoel | National Council of and for Persons with Disabilities | 011 452 2774 | fanies@ncpd.org.za
Ancella Ramjas | Down Syndrome SA | 086 136 9672 | dssa.ned@icon.co.za

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