Northern Cape

State Hospitals | Neurodevelopmental Clinics

Kimberley Hospital 114 Du Toitspan Road 053 802 9111

Peadiatricians (Private)

Dr van Niekerk Belgravia, Kimberley 053 832 9442


Daniel Hollander Kimberley 083 228 0234

Speech Therapists

Liezl Ungerer Kathu 072 934 5343
Ronel Jordaan Kimberley 071 493 1249
Vicky El Toro Park 053 838 0460

Occupational Therapists

Ina Botha Kimberley 078 117 9278
Mari Visser 083 462 9918

Other Useful Contacts

Northern Cape Department of Education 053 839 6500
ESS (Education Support System) 053 874 9800
Northern Cape Department of Social Development 053 872 4000

Government Schooling

Once your child has received their diagnosis; you can then approach the closest district of education to you. This could be the district that is closest to where you live, or to where you work, Below is a list of the districts with their physical addresses and contact numbers. Remember, that it is your child’s right to receive a basic education!

When you go to the district; please make sure you have the following documents:

  1. Birth certificate of your child
  2. Your ID book or ID card
  3. Your child’s road to health card
  4. A letter from the doctor who made the diagnosis confirming your child’s diagnosis
  5. Proof of residence Or proof of your company’s address – this will depend on which district you apply to.
  6. For private schools; please click here

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