National Executive Committee

The affairs of ASA are managed by the National Executive Committee (NEC) that will hold a meeting at least three (3) times per annum.

The NEC shall be made up of:

  • not less than six (6) ASA members elected at an AGM and
  • the National Director of ASA (ex officio voting member)

The members elected at the Annual General Meetings shall hold office for two (2) years and shall be eligible for re-election.

Dr Tumelo Leeuw –  Pediatrician

Dr Tumelo Leeuw is currently working in Mafikeng, in both public and private sector, mostly with children with neuro-developmental conditions. She is a passionate advocate for Autism, and leads an NGO dedicated to creating awareness about Autism in Africa. Dr Leeuw wishes to see children and adults on the spectrum receive equal, standardized quality health and social care. And hopefully bring together all key shareholders in advancing research about Autism in our own unique, cultural setting.

Annece Olivier – Parent
Mother of son with Autism volunteering my skills as Qualified Accountant and Tax Practitioner

Sumaya Babamia – Speech and Language Therapist 

Sumaya qualified as a speech-language therapist & audiologist.  She obtained a BA (Speech and Hearing Therapy) and MA (Speech-Language Pathology) from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.  At present she is she is at the tail end of an interdisciplinary doctoral degree at the University of Cape Town.
Currently, Sumaya heads up Jozi4Autism, a non-profit organization that aims to broaden autism awareness and the scope of services to children and families with autism in the outlying areas of Johannesburg.
In her spare time, Sumaya merrily goes on crazy adventures with her husband and  four kids.  Her favourite moments are the life-changing, wickedly entertaining and thought provoking experiences encountered with her pre-tween autistic son.

Melt Olckers – Autism Self-Advocate

Dr Mbilaelo Tshamiswe – Senior paediatric registrar at Pietersburg hospital with a special interest in paediatric neurodevelopment. Dr Tshamiswe’s advocacy for families with children on Autism spectrum is evident in her work towards improving their quality of life.
Dr Tshamiswe is passionate about empowering parents in nurturing their children in a BioPsychoSocial approach.

Emile Gouws – Autistic Adult
I am currently busy with my Masters degree whereby I specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorder. My study is an auto-ethnographic study on my personal life experiences as an Individual on the Autism Spectrum and how the assistance of additional support helped me to achieve my goals.
I am planning to do my PhD next year where I will share my experiences as a student on the Autism Spectrum in a structured environment such as Tersier institutions (Universities). The initial aim of this study is to improve facilities in University and in public schools so that the sensory needs of a child on the ASD spectrum are accommodated. My Main aim is to become an ASD specialist so that I can assist parents with children and children on the ASD spectrum.

Dr David Griessel – Paediatrician

Juliet Carter – National Director – Autism South Africa

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